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The McMillan Ranch was purchased by Matt Roach in the early 1910s. Matt's daughter "Trixie" ( Reva K.) inherited the ranch along with her brother and then bought out her brother in the 1950's to gain sole ownership of the ranch. Trixie's heirs inherited the ranch after her death. The property has been in the care of the family for over 80 years. It consists of 2050 acres of West Texas hills and draws. It is considered some of the most sceneic land in the area with its hilly topography and wide vistas.

The McMillan Ranch has largely been devoted to cattle ranching and hunting. During the oil boom of the 1970's oil exploration occurred on the lands.

The biggest benefit of this exploration was the construction of roads which made more of the ranch more easily accessible.

There is evidence of inhabitation by Indian tribes as many arrow heads have been found on the lands and the Concho Indian wars took place just east of the McMillan. There is also extensive evidence of the geologic history of the McMillan in numerous type of fossils (Ammonites and other types of sea life) and extensive wave erosion evidence high on the rim rocks.

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