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The McMillan Ranch is located about three miles southeast of Mertzon Texas. Mertzon, the county seat of Irion County, is a small town populated by good, hardworking people who know the meaning of "community". Mertzon has a rich history and unique character that is indicative of West Texas independance and pride. Oil and gas, ranching and deer hunting are the main stays to Mertzon's economy.

Mainstreet Mertzon, which is US Highway 67 about 27 miles west of San Angelo, sports a modern bank, a grocery store,

drygood stores, a nursery, a florist, a hardware store, two convenience stores, an ATM, a butcher shop, antique stores and a cafe ( fantastic burgers, by the way).

Mertzon lies parallel to Spring Creek, a clear cool spring fed creek that runs from the Mertzon area to the middle pool of the Twin Buttes reservior just west of San Angelo. On a lazy summer afternoon you'll find kids swimming and fishing in the clear water; scenes reminicent of a easier, simpler time.

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